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The combination of the new BioResponse technology leads to numerous, innovative multi-parametric applications for routine diagnostics and applied research to displacement of trade rivals at the diagnostics market up to and including world-wide business leadership on individual areas like auto-immune diagnostics, infection serology and molecular diagnostics. The development of a scientific concept for multiparametric analytics leads to achieving leadership of opinion and an argumentative base for marketing and sales.

We are developing the core technology "BioResponse", comprised of the "VideoScan" measuring system and the test systems "Bead-Assay," "Cell-Assay" and "PCR-Array." These technologies are protected by patents. The BioResponse technology features cost-efficient materials, high quality test readings and multi-purpose applicability, which is leading to a standard system for diagnostic laboratories.

The development of a multitude of possible diagnostic assays has been started for the multi-parametric analysis of differential diagnosis of reactive and rheumatic arthropathies and infections to increase sensitivity and specificity compared to existing systems, and to increase the diagnostic information available for the user. Direct results are safer therapies with less adverse effects which directly affects the interests of the patient and are contribute to reducing the cost of healthcare.

The implementation of new diagnostic strategies, the successful marketing of new products and maintaining the rights to the technology and thus the added value in Lower Lusatia is provided by all partners.

Target group
New products based on this new technology are aimed at laboratory physicians in clinics and laboratory practices. In addition, applications for the life science sector and pharmaceutical analytics are being planned. For those market segments the strategic cooperation are still to be built.

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